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Extreme Lazer Tag

Each heart thumping mission runs 30 minutes plus suit-up and briefing. With fun lurking around every corner, we are the ULTIMATE in interactive fun! Great fun for all ages 5 to 95

The Ultimate Game

LASER RUSH uses the most sophisticated laser tag equipment available on the market, to ensure players are using leading edge technology.Each Packs sensors have lights and when tagged vibrate for an added rush. During each game players are awarded special powers called “CHIPS”. These CHIPS allow the players pack to become Invincible, or Stealth, or Super-Rapid Fire to name a few of these special features. Each CHIP is awarded to a player at random for a preset amount of time during the game.Our Master computer tracks all players movements and at the end of each game players receive a Score Card to see how they interacted with the other players for added fun.

Imagine, your heart beats faster than the laser beam that just ripped by you at 186,000 miles per second. You scream with exhilaration, you shake with adrenaline…your senses come alive!

With Fun Lurking Around Every Corner,

WE ARE the ULTIMATE in Interactive Fun!


Play Hard, Play Smart, Play to Survive!